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#248300 - 03/22/12 07:45 AM Re: HOCKEY FANS... GOON (the movie) [Re: AL BUNDY]
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Man that is hood as fuck, when I go to wal mart I steal donuts and eat em walking around, thats the limit of my shit. Oh and everytime I go to this one store I fill pocket with jelly bellys. Lol I once got paranoid they where talking about me on the speaker and I left mad fast, been doing it for like 5 plus years at this grocery store. At this point i'm probably up to thousands of pounds in stolen jelly bellys. Hahaha. Feel like i've posted about this before, I'm walking down the super market isles and jelly bellys are spilling fucking everywhere shit is hilarious.

I am fiending for some cheez-its right now. I'm hooked on these chocolate oranges from 99 cent only store. If anyone has a 99 cent store next to em go see if they have em, shit is pure amazing crack. It's a ball of orange flavored chocolate you crack and it comes out like orange slices, sure someone has heard of it.

#248302 - 03/22/12 08:05 AM Re: HOCKEY FANS... GOON (the movie) [Re: LucifrinImperium]
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i've been eating these "rips" candies.
they're pretty good. taste delicious like pussy.

#248501 - 03/23/12 01:45 AM Re: HOCKEY FANS... GOON (the movie) [Re: LucifrinImperium]
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WORD! I like going to Wal Mart with my wife when I've had about 3 40's. Once we get a cart I drag her to the Ritz crackers and the canned cheese. I open the crackers and top them with cheese while we walk around. I've done the same with chips, cokes, and even finished a whole kids lunchable walking around that bitch. Good to know I'm not the only one haha. And for those orange chocolates those are good as fuck! The dollar store is dope so easy to steal from just wish they kept the razor refills on the floor that shit is like $16 for 4 razors.

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