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#256746 - 04/24/12 08:12 AM Re: that nigga interrupts news report [Re: Your Old Droog]
Your Old Droog Offline

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anyone messing with my chosen brethren
is getting their life force terminated
i see a goy harassing a innocent pious jew like luciferiansanitarium
i'll tear the goy creature's ovaries out and beat him with them.


#256747 - 04/24/12 08:13 AM Re: that nigga interrupts news report [Re: ]
LucifrinImperium Offline
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Let me get this straight, your faggot ass calls a truce. But then proceeds to instigate again. Mothman you are a bitch, what kind of huge bitch asks me for a truce, then talks shit. Oh you done fucked up osama bin laden dick sucker. And don't mix up your gayness with anyone else's comments because guess what I'd rather not talk shit to anyone in particular for no reason.

Originally Posted By: Mothman

Also no one else mentions the FACT that Osama bin Laden is actually a Jewish Zionist too as his mother is Jewish.

#256785 - 04/24/12 12:33 PM Re: that nigga interrupts news report [Re: ]
AL BUNDY Online   content
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''well then get away from the door...niggAH''

#256876 - 04/24/12 08:57 PM Re: that nigga interrupts news report [Re: Filthy Swine]
Luke Offline
a dirty motherfucker!!

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Originally Posted By: Filthy Swine
lucy you are a huge faggot dude

That may be true but he is actually right this time. I cringed the entire time that news reporter was talking.

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