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#262829 - 06/05/12 04:01 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: ]
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#262830 - 06/05/12 04:26 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: ]
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Funny thing J0shuakane wrote is, "maybe luka does have a real fan-base somehow?"

You're part of his fan base, so why is the thought that he has a fan base surprising to you?

#262875 - 06/06/12 12:16 AM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: J0shuaKane]
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Apparently this fucktard sent some of the remains to schools in british columbia and they are just arriving now...


#262974 - 06/06/12 01:22 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: Deist]
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Ya and apparently one of those packages is from my hometown St.Catharines...

They don't know if it's linked though so it may be a copy cat or some shit

#262982 - 06/06/12 06:47 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: DIMEDEALER]
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#262983 - 06/06/12 07:43 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: SkateWitch]
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i was promoting him on other sites? when the hell did that happen? ogrish? no, people were actually rooting for him on there lol.

look at my sig, that explains how i feel.

seems odd to me most of you boast similar things, but because he is gay and killed cats this is just "sick". like a grown straight man does not feel the same pain. i do not see the difference between this and mexican drug cartel tapes.

except i saw the tape within hours of the murder and it was like a horror movie unfolding in front of me.

all this info wasn't there, me and others like me found it on our own. no one knew it was luka or who he was when i saw the tape. this wasnt just some news story. research HAD to be done.

and i do not think he was/is working alone. the body parts at the schools have been confirmed to be the victim. how are they just now received, he left on the 26th, its the 6th, i have never had anything take that long to ship, international or not. the torso was not discovered till the 29th, and all it had were some flies on it, could not have been behind his building that long.

the guy in the tape also seems bigger than luka, especially his hands.

oh well, police have a "raw" version of the video, i really have no interest in it, apparently the only real difference is hearing him screaming as he is murdered, i am all too familiar with that. but hopefully it come out if the killers face is shown or not. a side view with a hoodie over his face in a picture taken weeks before the murder i don't feel is evidence. anyone could find people to line up in a similar fashion and look the same.

what bothers me is the police are investigating and trying to press charges.

so the gore community exposes the video, put tons of clues together, line up a possible suspect, are ignored repeatedly, and now are being slammed to just be sick fucks jerking off to this for our own entertainment.

i posted a news story earlier in this thread that quoted comments from the video and put them in the worst light possible.

im thinking when the drugs wore off and he realized his life was over he gave up inside. people on the bus and plane noticed him because he kept crying. he could of easily done a better job of hiding, and he knows that, why didn't he? there are still alot of strange unanswered questions, call me sick but i am still interested in the answers.

and at least this isn't as bland as the OJ case everyone was SO interested in...

#263003 - 06/07/12 02:29 AM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: J0shuaKane]
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wonder what happened to the dog.

#263069 - 06/07/12 04:47 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: ]
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Dude has a face i'd take pleasure in smashing.

He wont last long when he hits jail. Hopefully he dosnt get the chance to kill himself. He needs to be killed. Anyone applauding that shit or whos jumping on the fanboy band wagon needs the same treatment too. You wouldnt be licking his balls if that was a family member he was chopping up in that video.

GGGYeaahhhhh... Fuck you SkateWitch

#263079 - 06/07/12 07:39 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: JakNikkelSon]
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what else would you expect from a gay
they really are disgusting pieces of shit.

#263081 - 06/07/12 08:14 PM Re: 1 lunatic 1 ice pick [Re: Your Old Droog]
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its hilarious that you guys are genuine homophobes. judging by all your repliers you are ACTUALLY SCARED OF GAY PEOPLE. Seriously i would less afraid of gays than any subculture in existance...

cannibals, necrophiliacs and pedophiles...

lol and im sure one of you idiots posted that gay ass Beiber rape song and thought it was cool. grow the fuck up.

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