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#264604 - 06/16/12 08:44 AM Re: So Ron Paul is a sell out? [Re: ]
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anyone who believed in ron paul
should dig a little deeper into how it all works.
dude was an obvious fraud from jump.
scary so many people were persuaded by his movement
thinking he was some big savior.
really you thought some multimillionaire businessman
was gonna be the one to end government corruption?

you don't get to the top of business or politics
in this day and age without being extremely corrupt

future of politics is gonna be even more fucked
the NSA has copies of everyone's emails
facebook, myspace private messages, secondary emails and all that.
gonna be all politicians under blackmail if they aren't already
some dude gonna run for congress 10 years from now
and the NSA will step to him like
yo remember those nasty emails you sent on your
secret gmail account 10 years ago. well we got all of em.
just do us these favors or we'll release em to the press/internet
as an anonymous source and kill your political career and everything you worked for

#264688 - 06/16/12 01:15 PM Re: So Ron Paul is a sell out? [Re: ]
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Voting aint gonna bring your country back.You need to spill your blood on the concrete to take your country back and be free.
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All i know is somebody on this board knows i deliver pizzas. how do you remember that?

#264718 - 06/16/12 03:02 PM Re: So Ron Paul is a sell out? [Re: xerxes]
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They're going to contest every count of voter fraud.

#265050 - 06/18/12 07:24 PM Re: So Ron Paul is a sell out? [Re: DIMEDEALER]
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can't blame him fucken $$$ rules the world,
either way thanks to Jordan Maxwell, Alex jones,(for me) all of these conspiracy illumer documentaries
and all the others and videos that came in the last couple of years, I mean look at netflix,
the idea is out there that we are being controlled now more than ever,
I mean I was on the bus and heard these little shits talking about Bush and all his bullshit,
young kids, boys and girls, maybe things can change eventually
now that people know they are getting fucked
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