Have you ever thought of putting out an un-released verse/acapella? Would be dope just to see what the fans could come up with remixing. You inspire shitload of producers and wannabe producers I think it might be kinda sick to see how other cats could flip it.

Obviously aint a new idea but usually when an artist does it motherfuckers blow it up and spread the word. Thats always a good thing.

One of my best Necro stories is when I was working back in dotcom era 2001ish - I was driving a car full of web & network nerds to lunch and threw on S.T.D on this beastly audio system I had at the time. God damn the look on everyones face in that car when that song picked up was pricelss (imagine asian dude in late 40's in back seat shitting himself)

Just the fact none of them were into that type of music and no one ever heard anything like that especially being in the Bay Area - comedy gold.